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Adirondack and Brainstorm Siding

A clapboard style siding with the live edge left on the revealed face. Can be supplied either with or without the bark intact.

Arches Naturally Curved Log Arches

We try to maintain a large selection of curved and crooked logs. Typically these logs will be used as architectural accents or in rustic furniture.

Birch White Birch Bark and Twig Mosaic

The outer bark skin is peeled from mature White Birch logs as they are being harvested for lumber production. The bark sheets are then flattened and dried.

Branch Filigree Branches / Railing Infill and Filigree

We stock cedar and birch branches which are commonly utilized as in fill in rustic log railings or in accenting other log work.

Cedar Cedar Railing Prices

Lengths are custom built per purchasers blueprint. Standard railing is supplied unfinished, but they are also available finished.

Leanto Lean To Kits

A complete kit to build an 8' x 12' lean-to. Available in peeled or unpeeled logs.

Plank Wide Live Edge Plank

Ideal for counter tops, benches, desks, table tops, stair treads, and mantles. Available in white pine, cedar, cherry, maple, and yellow birch.

Siding Slab Siding and Trim

Slab siding is the naturally contoured outer cut of a log, which is then edged to uniform widths. Slab is available in several species and with the bark either left on and intact or peeled by hand or with a drawknife.

Brainstorm Specialty Logs and Accessories

Logs, which have been cut extremely close to the ground, such that a portion of the root system is captured at the logs butt. Thus when used as a vertical column in construction or furniture, the piece gives the illusion of having grown out of the spot of installation.